Pomegranate Lamb Stew

Pomegranate Lamb Stew

Pomegranate Lamb Stew   This pomegranate lamb stew is a delicious spicy fall stew that is easy to make in a crock pot. This recipe is Paleo and FLT compliant. With a wonderful blend of spices that are… Read More

Warm Veggie Root Salad

Warm Root Veggie Salad

Warm Root Veggie Salad Here’s a colorful, hearty dish to liven up any gathering!  Consider making this available during the holidays for those that may be vegan or vegetarian. For holiday flair, substitute sweet potatoes and sprinkle with… Read More

Ricotta Nut Stevia Snack

FLT Snack

Ricotta Nut Stevia FLT Snack You will be surprised at how tasty, and addictive, this protein packed ricotta nut stevia snack is at any time of the day.  Try it between meals, or even as breakfast!  You will… Read More

Apple Slaw

Crispy Apple Slaw Try this crispy apple slaw as a complementary side dish to a variety of main meals.  Or keep it on hand to enjoy as a snack!  This recipe can be used as an option in… Read More

Apple Shredded Chicken

Apple Shredded Chicken

Slow Cooker Apple Shredded Chicken Using a crockpot is something you can do year ’round.  This apple shredded chicken can be eaten as part of a sandwich or spooned out as a main dish on its own.  This… Read More

Campfire Vegetables

Campfire Vegetables

Campfire Vegetables Add some tasty campfire vegetables, easy to prepare vegetables to your next camping adventure.  If it is easier, cut and prepare the vegetables ahead of time to make it easier to assemble and cook.  Not headed… Read More

Shirataki Noodles

Shirataki Noodles

Dr. Gorman’s Recipe Pick: Shirataki Noodles with Almond Butter   ~~Starting the First Line Therapy plan?  Interested in vegan or paleo dishes to prepare?  Dr. Gorman has chosen this Shirataki noodle recipe as her pick of the month!… Read More

Curry Chickpeas Roasted Cauliflower Rice

Curry Chickpeas and Roasted Cauliflower Rice

Curry Chickpeas and Roasted Cauliflower Rice Try this combination of flavors to add some variety to your menu plan for the week.  Once you taste this cauliflower rice you may never go back to regular rice again!

Quinoa salad

Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Avocado Spinach Salad Eat this vegan, gluten-free quinoa salad dish warm or prepare ahead and serve chilled.  A wonderful way to add a tasty, healthy dish to the lunch or dinner menu.  Try some of your own… Read More

Blueberry Snack

Blueberry Snack Balls

Blueberry Snack For Year ‘Round Treats ~~Frozen blueberries make it possible to make this healthy blueberry snack any time you are craving a healthy, sweet, treat.  The kids will enjoy making them as much as they like eating… Read More