Free Class: August 24, 2016

Stress Free and Me –Becoming a Gracious Host to the Stress in Your Life:  Why and How–   Free Class and Discussion Wednesday, August 24, 2016   6:30 pm Revolution Health Medical Center   Why – Understanding Stress Why… Read More

Prolotherapy Video

Dr. Dani discusses prolotherapy as a treatment option for joint pain. The information provided on this site is not intended to be a substitute for individual medical advice in diagnosing or treating a health problem. Please schedule a private… Read More

Healthy Heart

A Path to a Healthy Heart (video)

A Path to a Healthy Heart –Revolution Health Medical Center– Our residents join us for 1 or 2 years, depending on the program they are in.  Part of their experience includes presentation of topics of interest for our… Read More


Constitutional Hydrotherapy

A gentle giant and cornerstone of natural medicine; Hydrotherapy –Revolution Health Medical Center– With the height of flu season behind us, the results are noticeable in regards to the replenishing service that hydrotherapy provides to so many patients in… Read More

Parkinson’s (Video)

Natural Parkinson’s Treatments that Your Doctor May Not Know About In this video, Revolution Health Medical Center discusses natural treatments that you can include into your current treatment plan that will: Help your current medications work better Improve gait,… Read More

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2016

Year of the Fire Monkey Feb 8, 2016 — Jan 27, 2017 Hold on to your hats because Monday February 8, 2016 starts the year of the Fire Monkey! According to the Chinese calendar, the Fire Monkey year… Read More



If you are working with our doctors on a 10-day Clear Change Detox, this hummus can be eaten the entire time.  It can also be included in the First Line Therapy eating plan. During some of the days,… Read More

Detox Tips

Dr. Julie’s Favorite Detox Meals & Snacks. –Going on a detox plan with our doctors can be very intimidating at first.  Often times there is so much focus on what you can’t eat that the meals and snacks… Read More



Detox Friendly Ratatouille– This tastes like a hearty comfort food, while keeping you on track for your lifestyle plan.  Use as a side dish or top any number of detox friendly choices such as quinoa or spaghetti squash…. Read More

healthy snack

Healthy Snack

Crispy Rice Treats– Here is a healthier version of a traditional treat.  This is great during certain detox programs or just as a way to make a better choice year ’round!  This healthy snack is one of Dr…. Read More