Bacon Cabbage Salad

Bacon Cabbage Salad

A Heart Healthy Twist –Revolution Health Medical Center–Who knew southern comfort food could be so good for you! This dish makes a wonderful dinner for 2 or a side dish of 4 servings. Check our website and on… Read More

Potato Salad

Low Carb “Not Potato” Salad

~Potato Free Potato Salad~ The flavor of this will convince your taste buds that you are having the real thing!  Season this salad the way you would a traditional potato salad, while leaving out the high carbs of… Read More

Campfire Vegetables

Campfire Vegetables

Campfire Vegetables Add some tasty campfire vegetables, easy to prepare vegetables to your next camping adventure.  If it is easier, cut and prepare the vegetables ahead of time to make it easier to assemble and cook.  Not headed… Read More



Detox Friendly Ratatouille– This tastes like a hearty comfort food, while keeping you on track for your lifestyle plan.  Use as a side dish or top any number of detox friendly choices such as quinoa or spaghetti squash…. Read More

healthy snack

Healthy Snack

Crispy Rice Treats– Here is a healthier version of a traditional treat.  This is great during certain detox programs or just as a way to make a better choice year ’round!  This healthy snack is one of Dr…. Read More

Baking with Sugar Substitutes

Holiday Baking

To Sugar or Not to Sugar? –Revolution Health Medical Center– The holidays are upon us all and that can mean traveling, family and feasting including baking all of the goodies that come to mind when you think about… Read More

Spicy Hard Boiled Eggs

Spicy Hard Boiled Eggs

The Perfect, Healthy Snack –By Kirsten Singler– Do you need a new quick snack to pack for work or school? If you like the smoky, spice of chipotle, you will love this simple and satisfying snack.

Seafood Gumbo

Heart Healthy Seafood Gumbo –By Kirsten Singler– This is my grandmother’s recipe for seafood gumbo, a meal I associate with summer and the height of fresh garden produce. I love making a large batch of gumbo, letting it… Read More

Arugula Apple Salad

Fall Easy Meal Choice –By Kirsten Singler– This arugula apple salad is a quick and easy fix when you are looking for something with extra pizazz. The arugula is slightly spicy and tangy, balanced with the sweetness of the apples…. Read More

Smoked Salmon Avocado Wraps

Looking for something healthy, quick and easy?  These wraps make a great breakfast, lunch or dinner on the go.   Also a great delicious source of omega-3’s.  This is one you can have the kids help with quite… Read More