Dirty Dozen Clean Fifteen

EWG 2019 Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

WASHINGTON – Kale has higher pesticide residues than nearly all other produce found on supermarket shelves, according to the Environmental Working Group’s 2019 Dirty Dozen™. EWG releases the Dirty Dozen as part of its annual Shopper’s Guide to… Read More

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dirty dozen

Buying Organic: Dirty Dozen from EWG

What are the current dirty dozen identified by EWG?  Also the clean 15! You hear a lot about buying organic, and you also see the prices that can be associated with it.  Help narrow down what you should… Read More

Dirty Dozen

2017 Dirty Dozen Guide

2017 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen from the Environmental Working Group ~~Knowing what you are eating is of the utmost importance these days.  The use of pesticides and other chemicals on crops is very common, and in some… Read More

Dirty Dozen

2016 Dirty Dozen

What should you be buying organic?  Let the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15” lists help you decided what you should be focussing your organic selections on to avoid chemicals and pesticides.  These lists are updated annually, with the… Read More

Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen

These days it seems everyone wants to do the healthy thing and eat organic.  However, it can be not only cost prohibitive but also not necessary.  Each year there is a list put out by the Environmental Working Group… Read More