Health Coaching

Coaching Creates Success.

At Revolution Health Medical Center, we understand that making the kinds of changes in your life that result in enduring health benefits requires support over the long term. Our health and wellness coaches are an essential part of our healthcare team to help guide you to success.

Our integrative health coaches create dynamic partnerships that move people toward satisfying and healthy lifestyles. Our coaches use both innovative and practical strategies to help you clarify what you want, explore options, enhance personal accountability and take action for optimal health.

Coaches generally work on four areas with clients:

  • Defining goals
  • Formulating a plan based on your goals and skills
  • Holding you accountable for progress
  • Providing structure, encouragement and support

Our coaches will partner with you to inspire and empower you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Through coaching, you can learn how to use healthy and helpful ways of navigating through life. Success doesn’t just happen. It happens when you plan, set goals and take action to make it happen.

Coaching vs. Counseling – While there is some overlap between the professions, in general therapy is about uncovering and recovering, while coaching is about discovering. For more serious mental/emotional problems such as major depression and anxiety, substance abuse and/or personality disorders, our doctors will refer a client to an appropriate mental health professional for further evaluation and care.

Both coaching and professional counseling can be an incredibly beneficial process. The key is finding a provider with the credentials and training needed to help transform your life.