RevolutionRX Weight Loss

RevolutionRX Weight Loss

Tip the Scale in Your Favor.

Trying to lose weight is often a frustrating and confusing experience. With so many contradictory programs and the latest hyped quick-fix solutions – it’s difficult to figure out how to achieve lasting results.

The RevolutionRX weight loss program is a 1-month or 3-month program.  It is a non-surgical physician-supervised weight loss program, for men and women, which includes an initial consultation with one of our physicians followed by weekly weigh-ins and follow up with our team.  This may include a FDA approved weight loss medication or supplement to support appetite management, metabolism boosting injections and B12 injections.

Body Composition Testing is done at the beginning of your program in order for you to know your starting point.  Diet and exercise coaching is given throughout the Revolution RX program you are enrolled in.  Your physician will also discuss supplements that may be appropriate for you.

Revolution Health Medical Center now has InBody body composition testing available for patients and non-patients.

This testing is free for patients participating in the RevolutionRX weight loss program.

Knowledge is power, and when you know your numbers you can set and monitor realistic and attainable goals.

Simple Changes.  Powerful Results.