January 7th thru January 31st there will be a 15% discount on all online purchases! In order to make it easier to focus on your self-care we have our own online dispensary for convenient access to high quality supplements. Once you establish your secure account you can start ordering directly or our office can prescribe your supplements to your account!  All orders over $50 (pre-tax) include free shipping, and are delivered directly to you.

Simply click on “store” at the top of any page on our website.

Call our office (602-265-1774) if you have any questions about ordering online, or if you need to schedule an appointment.
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We realize that you have a choice when it comes to healthcare and truly appreciate your trust in us. At Revolution Health Medical Center, we take great pride in our comprehensive approach to wellness. Our multi-disciplinary healthcare team will partner with you to create a complete, supportive treatment plan to help you achieve your health goals.

~Self-care is an important part of many resolutions and goals for the new year. During the month of January 2020, get a 60 or 90 minute massage for 1/2 price on Wednesdays! ~ Our licensed massage therapists provide a broad scope of expertise, allowing many of our patients to incorporate their services into their long term integrative treatment plan. Read More

Many of our patients come to us with a variety of symptoms, including digestive issues. Testing for food sensitivity can help you gain insight into what food intolerances may be triggering or worsening your headaches, digestive symptoms, joint pain, fatigue and other symptoms you may be experiencing.
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Many of our patients have been introduced to aromatherapy by our massage therapists and doctors. Now is the opportunity to stock up for yourself, or share the NOW essential oils and diffusors with others during the holiday season.

Revolution Health Medical Center carries NOW essential oils in individual bottles or gift packs. Read More

Green beans have long been a tradition at many holiday tables, but a good number of those dishes are heavy on the calories in addition to the love.  Not this one!  Here is a healthy side dish, or main dish, that will change those traditions.
Keep this recipe handy.  Once people taste it they are going to ask for a copy!

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month: 20% off Blood Sugar Supplements
~~According to the New England Journal of Medicine, “91% of type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented by adopting healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.”
Are you at risk for pre-diabetes or diabetes? Go to Dr. Gorman’s article and take a quick assessment.

20% Off Blood Sugar Supplements in office during the month of November 2019.

Your doctor can help you determine your risk. You can decide with your doctor whether any of the products available in our office, such as the one’s listed here, should be added to your integrative treatment plan.

  • Diamend
  • DB7
  • Glycemic Manager
  • Glycation Manager
  • Utra Glucose Control
  • Tinctures

**In office purchases only
***Can’t be combined with any other offers.

Simple Changes. Powerful Results.

~Revolution Tinctures Available~
We now have new pre-made tinctures from Dr. Gorman available in-office, in 4 oz sizes while supplies last!

  • Mental Clarity and Focus Revolution: for memory and concentration
  • Digestion Calm Revolution: to promote healthy digestion
  • Allergy Ease Revolution: for seasonal allergy relief
  • Immune Support Revolution: for boosting your immune system during cold/flu season

4 ounce tincture – regularly $44.00;
***special 25% discount – $33.00 per 4 oz bottle while supplies last.***
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Pre-diabetes — are you at risk?–

–by Dr. Julie Gorman–

More than 41 million Americans fall into the category of having pre-diabetes. With pre-diabetes, one’s fasting blood sugar is above normal (100 mg/dL), but not yet high enough to be classified as diabetes. People with pre-diabetes do not usually have symptoms, so most are not even aware they have it. Doctors often just categorize these people into “watchful waiting,” which means they do not start treatment until the blood sugars are high enough to be classified as diabetes (a fasting blood sugar of 126 mg/dL or greater).

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~15% Off on Dr. Hoy’s products during the month of September, 2019 when purchased in-office~

September is Pain Awareness Month.  All Doctor Hoy’s natural pain relief products are 15% off when purchased in-office at Revolution Health Medical Center by September 31st.  Limited to stock on hand.  No special orders.

See below for more information!  Talk to our doctors to determine if these products should be added as part of your integrative treatment plan.

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Enjoy a quick and easy low carb recipe. You likely already have the ingredients for this almost zero carb treat.  Gluten free and sugar free, and it tastes great.

Servings: 2
You will want to add this easy recipe to your weekly menu planning!

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