Medical Equipment for Sale

The following items are available for sale.  Beds and other items are through the separate links on the original page.

e-mail for information or to schedule a time to see/buy items.

  INBODY 570 Body Composition / Body Fat Analyzer

PRICE: $7,200 (retails $10,290 new)


  • InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer
  • InBody USB Flash Drive
  • Laser Printer with Universal Printer Cable
  • InBody570 Results Sheets (partial box)
  • InBody Tissues (partial pack) for cleaning machine pre/post use
  • InBody Wall Postervii. InBody570 Marketing Brochures (4 styles):  all have our business name and contact info printed on them but you could put a sticker over it with your information

3. Hydrocollator  (1 available 1 has already sold)

$200 each









SOLD    Sys*Stim 208 Low Voltage Stimulator (retail $550) – Price $400 pre-owned  
                  * Includes booklet and pads. Does not come with original box.  SOLD
SOLD   The Sys*Stim 208 is a one-channel, low-volt stimulator with Surge, Pulse and Tetanize modes.
                       It has easy-to-operate knobs that control stimulation intensity and frequency, a digital timer and a remote patient cut-off switch.   SOLD




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