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Covid 19 Updates and Tips from Revolution Health

~~Information about our state, nation and the world is coming out very quickly and is difficult to retain.  Revolution Health Medical Center will be providing updates, tips and resources here, as well as through our newsletter and social media.  Check back frequently, and please stay safe.  Continue to stay at home whenever possible.

APRIL 22, 2020:  Criteria HAS NOT been met by AZ to start Phase 1 of re-opening states and lifting stay-at-home restrictions.
The White House’s guidelines for reopening call for 14 days of a downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses and COVID-like syndrome cases. They say there should be a downward trajectory of documented cases or for positive tests as a percent of total tests for 14 days, with a flat or increasing volume of tests. Hospitals should be able to treat all patients without crisis care and have robust testing in place for at-risk health care workers, including antibody testing.

Arizona needs more testing, better contact tracing and a clear decline in cases before it can reopen businesses, public health experts say.

What to do about your glasses fogging up while wearing a mask or face covering.



April 10, 2020:  Gilbert Area: Mother Nature’s Farm– will be passing out FREE lettuce between 9-6 Friday and Saturday.
Mother Nature’s Farm 1663 E Baseline Rd Gilbert AZ 85233 TEXT 480-892-5874 if you have any questions. Bring bags and boxes.
~~Revolution Health is sharing this information, and is not in any way associated with this farm~~

AZ is one of the states on the list for testing with Walgreens. Finalization of details expected this week, so stay tuned.

There is new assistance available to support AZ small businesses.


Arizona small businesses adversely impacted by COVID-19 have limited time to benefit from important benefits passed along with the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Known as the Paycheck Protection Program.

A great compilation of resources, entertainment and educational activities.


How many vegetable plants do you need to feed your household?


April 5th–Plan ahead for these Valley Metro transportation changes.

Valley Metro is asking the public to reduce public transit use to necessary trips.

Free online Nikon photography classes in April. https://www.theverge.com/…/nikon-free-photography-classes-a…

April 3rd–Additional business types added to list, closing as of 5 pm Saturday. AZ Governor has revised the list:

Gov. Ducey has reconsidered his list of businesses considered essential after facing backlash.

Stay home for your appointment: Telemedicine appointments are now available for current patients of Revolution Health Medical Center.

Some scheduling can be done online or call our office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday to learn more. (602)265-1774.

STAY HOME: HBO offering free streaming.


These are not a substitute for a medical grade mask. It will do as a face covering, which is likely to become a national recommendation soon. Many households already have these hair ties and a bandana type handkerchief.


FREE Streaming: Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals


STAY HOME! No need to shop. Check these recipes that include pantry & freezer items you may not be using.



You can still get farm fresh produce without going to the grocery store. Support your local farmers!


AZ stay at home order begins 5:00 pm Tuesday thru April 31st. Read for specifics.


AZ schools are now closed until the end of the school year. Although our state does not have a “shelter in place” order in place as of yet, PLEASE ACT AS THOUGH IT IS IN PLACE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Assume that everyone that you come in contact with is potentially contagious, and take all necessary precautions.


Not sure what to plant when? Enter your zip code and email address and you will receive free planting reminders, specific to your location from a very reliable source. Learn what to direct sow vs what to start inside.


Resources for individuals and businesses from the City of Phoenix. Scroll through the list and share with others.

If you or someone you know needs support in finding AZ food banks/pantry locations that are open.

Kid-friendly documentaries to watch as a family.


Ordering take-out food? Here are tips to make it a safe experience for your household.


How to be alone but not lonely during stay at home and social distancing.


Please do not self-medicate, or listen to suggestions from people who are not trained in medicine. There are a lot of rumors and speculation about things, based on unproven facts. Some suggestions may be benign, others may lead to deadly results. Dosing and exact ingredients matter. THIS IS NOT POLITICAL. POSSIBLE MISINFORMATION FROM ANY SOURCE SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS FACT.



Banner Health has opened four drive-up testing sites in AZ. Call (844)549-1851 to speak with a clinician to determine if testing is appropriate for you.


AZ Governor has announced 2-1-1 line. The line will respond to calls in English and Spanish and will provide important information, including:

How to prepare for and prevent COVID-19 spread
Testing information for COVID-19.
What populations are at higher risk from the COVID-19.
What to do if an individual gets sick.
COVID-19 and animals.
A list of websites with accurate, reliable and up-to-date information

Free online concerts, entertainment and workouts to start enjoying and sharing.



Free online learning activities. Websites and apps to use or share with others.



Wash your hands, and then don’t forget your phone! Your phone touches your face, your hands, your counter, and so many more areas. Learn how to clean it properly and regularly.


Prepare and prevent. This article covers answers to many of the questions we have been receiving from patients.


Basic info on prevention and treatment of seasonal flu, relevant, too for Corona virus–

written by MSND member, Amy Rothenberg ND


Stay home for your appointment: Telemedicine appointments are now available for current patients of Revolution Health Medical Center. Some scheduling can be done online or call our office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday to learn more. (602)265-1774.
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