November is Diabetes Awareness Month: Product Specials

November is Diabetes Awareness Month: 20% off Blood Sugar Supplements
~~According to the New England Journal of Medicine, “91% of type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented by adopting healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.”
Are you at risk for pre-diabetes or diabetes? Go to Dr. Gorman’s article and take a quick assessment.

20% Off Blood Sugar Supplements in office during the month of November 2019.

Your doctor can help you determine your risk. You can decide with your doctor whether any of the products available in our office, such as the one’s listed here, should be added to your integrative treatment plan.

  • Diamend
  • DB7
  • Glycemic Manager
  • Glycation Manager
  • Utra Glucose Control
  • Tinctures

**In office purchases only
***Can’t be combined with any other offers.

Simple Changes. Powerful Results.

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