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Food Sensitivity Testing: April 2019 Special Offer

April is IBS awareness month.  Many of our patients come to us with a variety of symptoms, including digestive issues.  Testing for food sensitivity can help you gain insight into what food intolerances may be triggering or worsening your digestive symptoms.

As part of our product specials during IBS Awareness Month, Revolution Health Medical Center is offering 15% off the cost (regularly priced at $239.00) of US Biotek Food Sensitivity testing.  This test can be purchased in-office, completed at home with a finger prick and then mailed to the lab.  You can also choose to have it completed in office with a blood draw.  In office will include an additional $15.00 fee for the blood draw.

A sample 2 page report (click at the bottom for second page) can be viewed below.  Our testing is for the IgG food sensitivities only.  This testing will help you identify which foods to eliminate from your eating plan.  A food allergy elimination diet may help alleviate symptoms such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and nausea.  In addition to improvement in digestive symptoms, many patients also will notice improvement in fatigue, headaches, joint pain, eczema and seasonal allergies.

Our doctors can discuss any questions you have about this testing at your next appointment.

Current patients do not need an appointment if they just wish to order the testing to do at home. A blood draw appointment will be needed if you wish to have your blood drawn in our office.

Results will be shared in the patient portal when received.

USBiotek Food Allergy Sample Report - IgA-IgG

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