B12 Injections

B12 Injections: February 2019 Special

B12 Shots:  Should You Get One?

–Feeling tired, foggy brained, or having body aches? Consider a vitamin B12 shot.    This TIME Magazine article discusses the benefits of B12 injections.

Recent research suggest that approx. 40% of Americans are vitamin B12 deficient.  

Are you one of them?  Talk to our doctors to determine if a B12 shot is right for you.

To receive B12 shots in our office:

– B12 shot must be prescribed by a doctor
(either one of ours or by another PCP)

– regular price $26 –

***February 2019 SPECIAL***

$15.00 for current patients

*additional ingredients will change the price

**valid for February appointments only

(your insurance may cover these shots if you have coverage for our services)

Simple Changes.  Powerful Results.

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