New Tinctures Available: December 2018

~Revolution Tinctures Available~

Many patients are inquiring about support during the holidays, which is also typically cold and flu season.  We now have pre-made tinctures from Dr. Gorman available in-office, in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes while supplies last!

  • Immune Boost Revolution: Prepare for cold and flu season
  • Cough Ease Revolution:  Reduce cough
  • Sinus Clear Revolution:  Clear sinus congestion

– 2 ounce tincture – $24.00
– 4 ounce tincture – regularly $44.00;
***special 25% discount – $33.00 per 4 oz bottle while supplies last.***
What is a tincture?  
Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs that you take orally (by mouth).
They are usually extracted in alcohol. 
If you are interested in adding these or any other personalized tinctures to your integrative treatment plan, discuss it with one of our doctors at your next appointment.
Simple Changes.  Powerful Results.

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