Healthy Holidays!

Tips and Strategies to Stay on Plan

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–Revolution Health Medical Center–
The holidays are typically filled with foods that derail people off their healthy eating and weight loss plans. You want to add new memories, not inches to your waist. The key for success is to plan ahead so that you can enjoy holiday gatherings and keep strong through the season.

Tip #1:  Drink a greens powder beverage such as Greens First or Phytoganix.

This will help reduce cravings for sweets and provide your body a quick, easy boost of greens when you are busy with the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Powders are available in our office or online store.

Tip #2:  Choose foods that keep you on plan.

If you are eating at someone else’s house, or meeting at a restaurant and faced with a huge selection of holiday foods, just stay focused on the vegetables. Find the vegetables, put them on your plate and enjoy. Aim to consume 80% of your holiday meal as vegetables.

Tip #3: Eat a balanced meal first.

Before meeting friends and family for parties or dinner, make sure to have a balanced meal that is part of your plan before you head out. Avoid going out hungry and you will reduce the risk of falling off the wagon into Auntie’s holiday goodies! It will help you stay focused on enjoying the company of your loved ones without suffering hunger pains and feeling deprived.

Tip #4:  Allow yourself to have 1 treat.

Plan ahead and think about your favorite holiday indulgence; plan to have one serving of this treat. When you have it, ENJOY it. Let yourself simply enjoy eating the treat with no guilt whatsoever. You are only having one serving, so really savor every bite.

Tip #5:  Ask friends and family to prepare your favorite vegetable dishes.

Let them know you are doing a nutrition program for your health, and that holiday foods make it difficult to make healthy choices. Emphasize your favorite vegetable dishes that your loved one can make for you. Most hosts want their guests to feel comfortable and happy. Remember that part of the joy of hosting a party or dinner is to provide the guests their favorite foods. Sometimes, all it takes is communicating your needs with love and gratitude. If your family/friends cannot make any veggie dish, then volunteer to bring a vegetable tray or a few of your favorite veggie side dishes.

Tip #6:  Make and bring your favorite holiday vegetable dishes.

See our website blog or Pinterest page for recipe suggestions. Consider dishes such as: green beans with pine nuts, roasted Brussels sprouts, baked yams with figs, dairy-free pumpkin pie, roasted parsnips, roasted butternut squash, pumpkin soup  veggie tray with hummus, and salad.  Check our newest Healthier Holiday Recipe Options board to find vegan latkes, raw pumpkin pie tarts and other options to fit your needs. Whether you are going gluten-free, dairy-free, low-glycemic; get inspiration searching Pinterest for appealing dishes. Other key search terms are: FLT, First Line Therapy, raw vegan, paleo, and low carb. Get your creative juices flowing!

Tip #7:  Focus on berries.

Bring beautiful berry dishes to friends and family’s house. Set out lots of fresh berries and cherries at your home. People want something sweet during this time and having bright, colorful, delicious berries that are accessible will make it easy.

Tip #8:  Make healthy sweets.

If you make them, it will be easier, we promise! Prepare healthy sweets to have on hand. Keep them on hand in your home for guests and on hand to take to friends and family to share. The list of healthy sweets can range from quick and simple to more complex, depending on your time and kitchen skills. The simple sweets are: fruit salad J, fresh berries, berries and cream, baked pears with figs, cinnamon and cloves. Sweets that need more time to cook include ideas such as: raw, vegan pumpkin pie, or stewed apples, or dairy-free pumpkin custard. You can find a plethora of these recipes online. Search healthy holiday options on pinterest for inspiration.  We provide information on sugar alternatives in the article Holiday Baking To Sugar or Not to Sugar? that are very helpful this time of year.

Tip #9:  Explore new crafts.

This can be a great time for trying new craft ideas with family and friends, rather than sugary sweets. You can get together to make holiday bath scrubs to give as gifts. You can play with ideas such as soap making, candle making, ornament making, and sewing projects if you are ambitious. These non-food based crafts really build community, and can be the best gift to receive.

Tip #10:  Focus on what’s really important; spending time with your loved ones.

Lastly, but most important, is to enjoy the time spent with your loved ones. Ultimately, what makes a holiday memorable is the bonding time you have with close relations. Rather than focusing on food, start new family activities that get people sharing and communing with each other. Go for a family walk, fly kites at the park, play charades, play soccer, do activities that are fun and don’t involve eating. Have fun brainstorming ideas with your family to create new holiday traditions such as going to see the Nutcracker performed at a theater, learning new holiday songs and singing together, going for a family bike ride, planning a scavenger hunt, or serving at a soup kitchen.  The idea is to create new ways that your family members can enjoy spending time together by being active, creative, and inspirational.

Happy Holidays from the entire team at Revolution Health Medical Center!
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