California Rolls

California Rolls

Try Making Your Own California Rolls!

~~Dr. Julie Gorman NMD~~

Getting ready to make more of your meals at home as part of your healthy eating plan?  Need a little variety?  Try making your own california rolls.  Come up with your own favorites and let us know what they are so we can share them with our other patients!

I suggest the The Sushezi Roller Kit, especially for first timers.California Rolls

(Roll pictured above was made by Dr. Julie Gorman!)


Other options include pre-cooked shrimp, sliced peppers or any other fresh ingredients you have on hand that fit your eating plan.


Follow the instructions with the Sushezi kit.  If you make full batches of your rice, this will make plenty of extra for leftovers and sharing.



Be sure to use the water as instructed to moisten the seaweed sheets for sealing.

Allow the roll to set as noted, in order to be able to cut more easily.

Slice the vegetables into thin enough pieces to allow for easier cutting and eating of rolls.

Use Bragg Liquid Aminos if you need a gluten free option for soy sauce.  Check your eating plan!

Follow the easy directions with the Sushezi Roll Kit or feel free to ask Dr. Gorman for tips!


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