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Everyone at Revolution health center treats me friendly and with respect!!

I am so happy I found this center where you get the best care!!


March 2017

Friendly, Respectful and the Best Care

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I have received excellent care from all the staff at revolution, they are kind and professional.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for naturopathic care.



March 2017

Excellent Care!

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The desk staff is very friendly and fast to help you sign in. The products they offer are very good.

I try the energy supplements and the lavela and I love it.

For massages they are excellent every time I go there i feel relaxed and satisfied.


March 2017

Doctor, Staff, Massage Therapist and products are all great!

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Hands down most compassionate, caring and thorough doctors office I’ve been to!

The staff knows you by name when you walk in.   If you’re looking for doctors that care and take their time with you, you’ve found your place!!!


March 4, 2017

Hands down most compassionate, caring and thorough doctors office I've been to!

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Dr. Gorman is so good at her job. She helped me get pregnant twice.

I have been coming to her for over 6 years and am addicted to acupuncture. She is a true professional and is very knowledgeable.

I recommend this practice to everyone I can. If you haven’t tried acupuncture yet, don’t hesitate any longer. Make an appointment!

Dr. Gorman Helped Me Get Pregnant Twice

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Dr. Julie and all of the staff at Revolution Health Medical Center for their knowledge, professionalism, and care.

I have been coming here for about 3 years now for acupuncture and massage therapy to support hormone balance. Struggling with infertility has been very difficult, but the treatment and personalized care I have received at Revolution Health Medical Center has made a huge impact on my journey to become a mother.

Honestly, I can’t imagine doing this journey without Dr. Julie. I highly recommend checking this place out as they can pretty much treat you for any health concern you may have and are amazing!


February 24, 2017

RHMC Helped with my Infertility Struggle

I love this medical center!
The doctors are very thorough and the office staff is very organized.

Everyone is very friendly which makes the visits very pleasant.


February 24, 2017

I Love This Medical Center

I have been a patient of Dr Julie Gorman for over a decade. She is pretty much amazing and ALWAYS has a solution for my ailments.

I’ve seen all of the other physicians as well and they are all great.

My favorite thing about Revolution Health is I walk away every time feeling not like I was in a sterile uncaring clinic, but instead I feel rejuvenated and hopeful that I will get better. It’s a very serene healing center.

I couldn’t imagine ever going anywhere else for my PCP.

February 23, 2017

Dr. Gorman Has Been My PCP For Over A Decade

I have been a patient for over a year and I love it! Both Dr. Beth and Dr. Gorman have been amazing.
They created a plan for my needs and are constantly following up to make sure we do or do not need to make adjustments. Dr. Gorman has been so thorough with all my tests and has taken the time to explain everything in great detail that I feel very comfortable with her. She has done more tests and follow ups than my primary doctor.

I highly recommend Revolution Health.

Front desk personnel, staff and doctors are very friendly.


Love the Doctors and Staff here!

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Are you ready to get your life in order?

Go visit Dr. Geyer and the friendly staff at Revolution Health Medical Center to address all your needs:)

#Naturopathic Medicine is awesome


February 14, 2017

Are You Ready To Get Your Life In Order?

I’ve been a patient for years. I’ve received the best care by Dr Julie and have always been comfortable coming in for acupuncture, massage, and to get health advice.

I can’t say enough!!!

(January 2017)

I Have Been a Patient for Years

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My blood sugar is what??

I was pretty sure I promised myself I wasn’t going to wait until my “borderline diabetes” was going to take over before I got healthy. The nurse that took my blood was also the one that had to give me the serious news and she was heartbroken. She gently took my hand and said that I need to go straight to the hospital or at least call my doctor right now. That quickly took me out of the equation and I realized I lost the privilege of being in charge of my own temple.
That also put me at a crossroad:
1. Go to a medical doctor and let them treat my symptoms which would start with insulin, heart and high blood pressure medication.
2. Or, find doctors that are educated in healing the body using a natural approach so they could get to the cause of my symptoms.

Thankfully, Google, divine intervention, innate intelligence and/or luck led me to Revolution Health Medical Center and an incredible educated group of NMDs!
My typical hectic, crazy, fast paced day quickly becomes calmed and relaxed the moment I walk into this serenity. And being greeted by Dawn, Francisco or Sue quickly puts a smile on my face.

I am truly humbled and blessed to have Dr. Beth as my Doctor. Her professionalism and knowledge made me feel at ease but then she added in some compassion, sincerity and kindness which completed my 1st visit and made me feel confident enough that I might be able to do this.

Insulin or nutrition (Eating natural human food vs our America diet)? Seemed like a no brainer but they both scared me. I fought both with my pocket full of denial and excuses of why I couldn’t/wouldn’t do either. Didn’t want to talk about exercise or food but Dr. Beth cared enough to bring in the “magical food nutritionist genius”:

Dr. Kirsten. I’m still working on trying to find the English words to rightfully describe this one… besides “Simply Amazing”.

I had to surrender and totally give in for this new chapter in my life. I cried, was scared and quit more than once and each time these two Doctors gently picked me back up and dusted me off and somehow made me feel like I was worth it.

Things are just about under control now and I am so much healthier, stronger and even excited to bust into my 50’s. This was the best and the hardest 6 months of my life and I know I am worth it (one of the toughest things for this single parent to say)!

Getting to choose health as a lifestyle and getting my “quality of life” back is a lot less expensive than the time and money I would have needed if I continued down the unhealthy path I was on that may have included cancer, dis-ease, heart surgery, insulin and all the symptoms of all the medication I would have needed to take for my diabetes.
I still have to be reminded to be patient and kind to myself because all of this doesn’t happen overnight.

This is a partnership so don’t forget our job as a patient (because I did a few times):
* Be on time
* Do what you’re asked
* Understand you are an individual so what works for one may be different for another. These professionals have proven formulas but it might need to be fine-tuned. So be patient.
* Work with them, do your homework, be honest, ask questions (they, most of the staff (Dawn), have been very gracious with my dumb ones), take notes and take responsibility including letting go of denial.

I already know I couldn’t have done it without them but I’m not sure they know, I wouldn’t have done it without them.

Much love and gratitude,

June 2016

My Blood Sugar is What??

My experience with Revolution Health Medical Center was amazing!

Kids are sick all the time….right? Well my 6 year old was! It was getting out of hand. After asking her pediatrician (of western medicine mind) what was going on with her immune system, and getting a complete blow off answer I decided to take her to see a Naturopathic MD.

The doctor here took the time to sit down and review my daughters entire medical history. She found a connection to her immune system short falls and IGE food allergy responses. With her suggestion to eliminate certain foods and to add immune system support vitamin supliments my daughters allergy enduced asthma has been non exsistant!


Immune System Support

I have been going to Revolution Health Medical Center for almost three years now. Dr. Toni (Vaughan) did an extremely thorough intake…spent almost two hours with me going over my health and health history. She is a great listener and really made me feel like I could trust her. That’s important to me since my experience with “regular” docs (M.D.s) wasn’t all that great…regular docs get you in there, they spend maybe five minutes listening to you and then think that you need drugs to fix what they think is wrong with you!

So, Dr. Vaughan was totally different…and as an Naturopath, she had a different perspective and didn’t default to “let’s give you some drugs”! Yes, there have been a few times where I needed antibiotics or some other prescription where she’s written me a script, but 90 percent of the time, she gives me herbs or acupuncture or suggests a massage or other therapy. Now, three years later, I am MUCH healthier (and much happier with my healthcare)…I am losing weight, I am sick less, and I am finally getting rid of some of the allergens in my diet (Dr. Toni did an food intolerance and allergy test on me…worth every penny!!).

My dad, husband and child all now see Dr. Toni too. Recently my little one was sick and I wanted to get a infant ibuprofen without a bunch of crap in it (like high fructose corn syrup and polysorbate-80) to give to him. Nothing like that exists on the market, so I asked Dr. Toni if she could write a prescription to a compounding pharmacy for it–she called it in personally!

The other great thing about the center is the overall helpfulness and friendliness of all the staff and docs.

Overall, this place is fantastic…a lot of great resources in this tiny place. I highly recommend it to everyone I know…switch out your “regular” doc and start feeling optimistic again about getting well!!!!!!


Now my husband and child go here too!

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Julie Gorman since 2006. I started seeing Dr. Julie for chronic pain/inflammation and generally not feeling well. She did acupuncture (which relieved the pain amazingly!) and encouraged me to do a detox and change some of my eating habits. She also recommended massage therapy – which is done on site. Within a few short months I was feeling great – back to my old self again and able to do things I used to do (like bike ride, hike, etc.). This is a major accomplishment since my “conventional” doctor hadn’t been able to help me for years with these conditions.

I was so thrilled with Dr. Julie (and everyone at the practice) that I decided to make her my primary care doc, even though my insurance at the time didn’t cover it. Naturopathic medicine works for me and it’s totally worth the extra cost.

Dr. Julie, in addition to being a wonderful primary care physician and manager of all sorts of pain, is an amazing fertility specialist! She is ABORM certified (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine) which is quite rare in AZ. Her approach to fertility is based on the needs and wishes of the patient – totally natural or as an adjunct to conventional fertility treatments.

When we began our fertility journey over three years ago, I was glad to have Dr. Julie to turn to for acupuncture, herbs and other natural methods. Due to my age (42) I decided to combine natural fertility support with conventional methods. Eventually we did an IVF cycle supported with acupuncture and we finally conceived!

THANK YOU DR. JULIE for helping us grow our little family!


Overall Health and Infertility

I have been seeing Dr. Julie since July 2011 and Margie for massage. Dr. Julie is great. Takes the time to listen to your history, and discusses your health in detail each time you visit. I go to her for Fertility acupuncture, which very few naturopaths in the valley specialize in.

I am 41 years old and I believe that acupuncture helped me conceive on the 3rd try. I plan on continuing my acupuncture as I move forward with trying to get pregnant again!

Margie is so awesome! I find her massage technique to be perfect for me. She has a healing energy and a peaceful demeanor. I really look forward to my visits.


Fertility Acupuncture

Had a really wonderful massage here. Therapist was interactive and very helpful to make certain that I was the director of the massage with specific focus on area and followed up when another area was identified.

March 2015

Wonderful Massage

Revolution Health Medical Center is the “one stop” health center for meeting my health needs. I was looking for a center that offered a Naturopath, acupuncture and massage, and Revolution has all of this, plus much more.
Dr. Tracy Magerus is caring, knowledgeable and patient centered. Dr. Tracy listens and welcomes my input, which makes me feel respected. Valerie gives a pampering massage. The office staff creates a welcoming, cheerful, and friendly enviornment.

October 2015

My "one stop" Health Center

I am so much healthier and a happier different person since I started my journey to a healthier me 2 years ago.
No more asthma, high blood pressure, or prescription medications in over a year. Get a consult, get on insurance that will cover what you need, plan next year’s flex spending account and get healthy, happy and sexy!!!

January 2016

No More Asthma, High Blood Pressure!

“All of my life I never had any serious medical issues and felt well aside from an occasional cold or tooth problem. I began to not feel very well 7 years ago. My health rapidly deteriorated then and I gained 50 pounds faster than I’ve ever gained weight in my life. I have had four children and never gained weight like this. There were times in this illness period that I was pretty sure I was near death. Seven different Doctors and they acted as if there was nothing wrong with me and some argued and even got angry with me when I insisted something is terribly wrong. I was on my own.

Thanks to the internet I was able to narrow my problems down and began learning my own body and that my illness was similar to candida. I tried to resolve this on my own and by the time I came to Revolution Health Medical Center… I was beyond exhausted with this battle. In the last six months although I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars on herbs and trying to straighten this out, the problems resurfaced with a vengeance. Talk about being sick, scared and worried for far too long. I needed assistance with so many aspects of this.

When I arrived at Revolution, the questionnaire alone was more appropriate with the things I’ve been concerned about than I’ve ever received. I have arrived at exactly the place I needed to save my life and restore me, the whole me, to the wellness I once new. The gratitude I hold is the utmost I’ve ever experienced. I love the people that care and are helping.

I am inspired to take care of me and so appreciate the nutrition assistance and the food journaling sheets. My very life depended on exactly what Revolution Health Medical Center is providing for me. The human kindness, respect and genuine helpfulness at the Center is just heaven on earth.

Thank you thank you thank you for assisting me in getting my life back the way I once knew. I’ve missed me dearly! (wink)”

Kindness, Respect and Genuine Helpfulness

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It is usually not pleasant to go to the doctor. Long waits, and then a rushed appointment. Not at Revolution Health Medical Center. My appointments are on time, and scheduled for good amounts of time. My first appointment was a full hour with my doctor! The questions and discussion were about all of my health, not only symptoms.

I am now working on nutrition and have many problems that have gone away that I have been suffering with for years. Now I am down to fewer medications, which was one of my bigger goals.

It was such luck that I found you!


Lowered My Medications!

Revolution Health Medical Center helped me lower my cholesterol and blood pressure NATURALLY!

Every year I go to my doctor and cardiologist to get test and labs. They tell me that I’m in good health for my age but then I get Lipitor and blood pressure medications and osteoporosis medications, and pain relievers when my back hurts… It’s crazy that I spent more than $300 month on medications and I don’t even feel sick.

So, I’m a big fan of Dr. Oz on tv so I knew that there had to be a better way. A friend took me to a free Healthy Heart class offered at Revolution Health Medical Center. It was great. They explained how to understand lab test results and what foods and vitamins would help.

I set up an appointment with a doctor and nutritionist and over the past 6 months I have gotten off 3 medications, my cholesterol and blood pressure are good, and I have lost 23 pounds!


Naturally Lowered Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Weight!

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