The Power of Spiralizing Vegetables

You May be Asking, “Spiral-what?”


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The spiralizer was once thought to be the sole purview of gourmet chefs, but today’s home cooks are learning the secret power of turning vegetables into noodles.  This kitchen tool comes in many forms and many prices, but the least expensive, easiest to use, most durable version basically looks like a giant sized pencil sharpener.    

Like a pencil sharpener, you simply insert a vegetable such as zucchini, and twist it in a clockwise motion. As you turn, the delicate strips of vegetable will fall out of the other end, resembling noodles.

For those that struggle to eat veggies with every meal, turning them into noodles can help make them more tasty and easier to add to a meal. The veggies taste better because the surface area increases and the vegetable can hold more dressing and flavoring. Think about the flavors of Thai noodle dishes. You can make a bowl of zucchini noodles with tahini, garlic, green onion, cilantro, lemon, tamari and cashews. This dish is so flavorful; you hardly notice that you really just had one great, healthy salad!

Turning veggies into noodles helps people stay away from the simple carbohydrates of rice or gluten pasta. It helps increase good nutrition while decreasing the empty calories you want to avoid. This in turn, helps people lose weight, stay healthy, and keep fit.

If you follow a FLT (First Line Therapy), gluten-free, low glycemic, Paleo, or cleansing/detox diet, these noodles can help liven up your plate. Spiralized veggie noodles allow you to add delicious versatile flavors including: Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, and more.

Also, making veggie noodles helps save time in the kitchen. Spiralizing is much faster than chopping, and significantly faster than boiling water and making the wheat noodles. If you are crunched for time, try packing zucchini noodles with a pre-made pesto and pine nuts for lunch. It takes about 2 minutes to make and pack and always satisfies. Another quick and easy lunch is veggie noodles covered in miso dressing with chopped cilantro and cashews. There are so many possibilities, be creative and enjoy trying some new guilt-free recipes.

You can find spiralizers online, in many kitchen supply stores. Here is one spiralizer, the spirooli, that we recommend.

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