Your Tongue and Your Health

Your Tongue and Your Health

What clues does your tongue show about your overall health?

Our tongues can provide meaningful and fascinating information about our state of health and nutritional status. The bulk of knowledge about the diagnostic aspects of the tongue comes from ancient Chinese medicine, which clinically observed the tongue for over a thousand years. Chinese medicine uses three main factors when “reading” the tongue, looking at the coating, color and shape.

This recent article SECRETS YOUR TONGUE HOLDS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH provides detailed and interesting information that will give you insight into what our Revolution Health Medical Center doctors are looking for when we look at your tongue during your exam.  Use the pictures and information in the article as a comparison of your own tongue and a starting point for where you are right now.

Some changes in your tongue can be from something as simple as you having changed the type of mouthwash you are using. Others can be much more complex.  Do not leave it up to chance or speculation.  If you notice a change in coating, color or shape bring it to the attention of your doctor at your next appointment.

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