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Our Top Docs!

Congratulations to Dr. Julie Gorman NMD and Dr. Tracy Magerus NMD of Revolution Health Medical Center on their selection as Top Docs by Phoenix Magazine for 2015.  This is the second time each of them has been recognized with this honor, with the first time for both being in 2013.

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Julie GormanTracy Magerus

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  1. My husband has been diagnosed with CLL December, 2015. It was to be monitored with blood tests every few months. However, he has had a chronic itchy rash that started in December, 2010 that has gotten progressively worse.
    Several dermatologists have not been successful in bringing relief. We went to Mayo and they thought that the rash was driven by the leukemia. He was desperate to find the solution and consented to chemo. He has had 2 days of it and still no relief. They decided to terminate the chemo. Does this sound like a problem that you could help us with? He itches until he bleeds. There has to be an answer. Thank you for listening to me. I love my husband so much and it is difficult to see him suffer.

    • Hi, Please submit this through our contact page so that someone can contact you regarding this issue. The contact tab will take you to the submission page.

      We do not discuss specific situations in this public forum as each case is unique and for privacy issues.

      Dr. Julie Gorman NMD

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