GMO Food Labeling in AZ?

It was reported in the Phoenix New Times by Miriam Wasser that a group down at the AZ Legislature is trying to  require food containing even just one genetically engineered ingredient be labeled as GMO.  State Representative Juan Mendez is the primary author of  HB 2462.  This adds Arizona to the 30 other states that are currently trying to get GMO labeling mandates added.

There are many arguments for and against labeling.  Most of the arguments against the labeling come down to money.  The companies say that manufacturing new labels will increase the purchase price to the consumer…the wise consumer can look around them and know this is in fact simply not true.  We see labels change seasonally or simply because of a “new and improved” look by the companies.

We at Revolution Health Medical Center support the individual consumer’s right to know whether or not the food they are purchasing is genetically modified in any way.  If you feel that Arizona should be joining the states that require GMO labeling on food items, consider contacting your representative in support of HB 2462.

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