A Rash, Is Not A Rash, Is Not A Rash…

Having A Better Understanding of Your Rash ~By Dr. MaryK Geyer NMD~ First, let me state that I am not a dermatologist. I am a primary care doctor (PCP) with a specific interest in dermatology. Through this passion,… Read More


Naturopathic Remedies for Burns

What To Reach For When Dealing With Burns ~By Dr. MaryK Geyer NMD~ Burns can occur when the skin has been damaged as a result of heat (sun, hot liquids), electricity, corrosive chemicals, or radiation (tanning beds, radiation treatments)…. Read More

Dr. MaryK Geyer

Dr. MaryK Geyer

Welcome Dr. MaryK Geyer ~~We are excited to announce the addition of our new full-time Senior Staff Physician to the Revolution Health medical team. Dr. MaryK M. Geyer, NMD is a licensed primary care doctor with a focus on holistic,… Read More