Calming gummy bears

Calming Gummy Bears

Natural Vitality recipes to make your own calming gummy bears!

Watch the video below to see how easy these are to make.  As an added bonus, if you are making these for your kids, let them help!  There is a second recipe that follows to help with sleep.
This unique recipe uses agar, a seaweed product, instead of animal gelatin, making these gummies suitable for vegetarians. Kids and adults alike will happily take their Natural Calm in the form of these adorable bears. See variation in “Notes” for how to make Green Gummies with vegetables.


Can't Sleep?

Not Getting Enough Sleep?

Helpful Tips to Put You to Sleep

~By Dr. Julie Gorman, NMD~

Many people are starting to recognize that we live in a non-stop society whether we like it or not. This means for most that they are not getting enough sleep to keep up.  This fatigue, and stress associated with it, may be impacting you more than you know.Sleep issues

Sleep has a huge effect on how you behave and feel throughout the day. Some of the obvious signs of sleep deprivation are excessive sleepiness, yawning, and irritability.  Sleep deprivation can interfere with balance, coordination, and decision-making abilities when it becomes chronic. It has also been tied to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression.

It is important to recognize the need to get a good night of sleep as well as to make choices that support good sleep habit. Read More

Cooling Foods

Cooling Foods

Cooling Foods for Summer

~Revolution Health Medical Center~

In traditional Chinese medicine, foods are categorized in groups: heating, cooling, and neutral. Before the advent of grocery stores, refrigeration, and mass agriculture, people ate foods that nourished and balanced the body according to their seasonal needs.

During the summer, we need cooling, hydrating foods that are antioxidant rich to compliment the intense heat of the sunrays. As it so perfectly happens, these cooling foods are seasonally available during the summer months when we need them most. Summer is the season for fruit salads, stir-frys, and high vegetable consumption. Read More

Naturopathic Doctor

Hiring Massage Therapists

Licensed Massage Therapists Wanted (Posted 11/1/16):

-We are expanding our massage team!

Must be available to work Saturdays and afternoons/evenings during the week.

–If you are a licensed massage therapist interested in working in an established naturopathic medical environment then Revolution Health Medical Center is the place for you.  This is a part-time hourly staff position with guaranteed hours.

Roles and Responsibilities:  Read More


Free Class: August 24, 2016

Stress Free and Me

–Becoming a Gracious Host to the Stress in Your Life:  Why and How–


Free Class and Discussion

Wednesday, August 24, 2016  

6:30 pm

Revolution Health Medical Center


Why – Understanding Stress

Why do we need Stress?

When is Stress actually a problem?

  Read More

Detox Tips

Dr. Julie’s Favorite Detox Meals & Snacks.

–Going on a detox plan with our doctors can be very intimidating at first.  Often times there is so much focus on what you can’t eat that the meals and snacks you are able to eat do not get discussed.  Once you know which of the items on the approved shopping list you like or want to try, the plans get easier and easier!  Even better news is that most are actually easy to make.

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healthy snack

Healthy Snack

Crispy Rice Treats–

Here is a healthier version of a traditional treat.  This is great during certain detox programs or just as a way to make a better choice year ’round!  This healthy snack is one of Dr. Gorman’s favorites, and a regular “must have” recipe in her household.

Crispy Rice Treats (24 servings) Read More


Menopause Relief

Free Class 3/23:  Menopause Relief.


Menopausal women have varied physical and emotional symptoms that often include hot flashes, insomnia, decreased libido, weight gain and fatigue.  Join us on March 23, 2016 as we discuss natural therapies that can make the transition through
menopause easier ranging from lifestyle, nutritional and herbal remedies to bioidentical hormone therapy options.

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Smoothie Basics

Smoothie Construction For Beginners

–By Staff, Revolution Health Medical Center–

Making a smoothie is an easy way to get plenty of fresh produce into your daily diet.  An approximate ratio of about 2 cups produce to 1 cup liquid will give you a good base.  The recipes provided are just suggestions to get you started; feel free to add what you like to build your own flavors!   
Adding a scoop or two of your favorite protein powder will also give a satisfying boost.  Our doctors and nutrition team can answer any questions you may have as you try out the recipes below.

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Nut Butter Fudge Protein Bars

Nut Butter Fudge Protein Bars

These Nut Butter Fudge Protein Bars are tasty, filling treats that will satisfy your craving for sweets and are rich in omega-3 fats.

Our no-bake nut butter bars are high in protein and fiber to give you lasting energy.  Be creative with nuts and coatings you use for the plans you are  Read More