~~Recipe for Ginger Honey Allergy Relief Bites~~

Suffering from allergies?  May is allergy awareness month.  Dr. Gorman recommends these Ginger Honey Bites.  Please read the notes below the recipe to learn more about introducing bee pollen into your eating plan.

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Chickpea and Red Pepper Soup

Chickpea soup generally fits with a variety of eating plans with very simple modifications.  This one will work with your Healthy Heart plan, First Line Therapy (FLT) as well as for vegans and vegetarians.  Take a look at the ingredients in this chickpea soup and see if it will work for you within the plan you are following.

Serves:  4

Total Prep Time:  25 minutes

Chickpea and Red Pepper Soup with Quinoa


Heart Healthy Sugar Snap Pea and Radish Salad.

Finding tasty options for a heart healthy eating plan may seem difficult at times.  This is a quick an easy lunch or dinner option that will fill you up.  Add this Snap Pea Salad to your file.

If you are interested in learning more about our Healthy Heart program, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

Sugar Snap Pea and Radish Salad

Serves;  6.

Total Prep Time:  10 minutes


Seared Tilapia with Rice and Pineapple Relish

This heart healthy option is one that fits in a variety of eating plans.  Add some variety to your meals with this easy to make tilapia meal.

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Seared Tilapia with Rice and Pineapple Relish

Serves 4

Time to prepare: 20 minutes total


Dr. Geyer’s Turmeric Tea; a.k.a Golden Milk

This tea is traditionally called Haldi Ka Doodh.  This turmeric tea will warm you up, while helping with inflammation.  If you are on a specific eating plan, use a sweetener that fits your plan.

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Try Making Your Own California Rolls!

~~Dr. Julie Gorman NMD~~

Getting ready to make more of your meals at home as part of your healthy eating plan?  Need a little variety?  Try making your own california rolls.  Come up with your own favorites and let us know what they are so we can share them with our other patients!

I suggest the The Sushezi Roller Kit, especially for first timers.California Rolls

(Roll pictured above was made by Dr. Julie Gorman!)
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Easy to Make Almond Milk

~~Revolution Health Medical Center~~

Whether you are avoiding dairy or looking for healthier options to add to your eating plan, you will want to try these easy to make almond milk options.  Why almond milk?  It has less fat than regular milk; no saturated fat and no cholesterol.  Depending on the source of dairy milk, you may also be exposing yourself to added drug residues and hormones.

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Sugar Free Meringue Cookies

Holiday Sugar Free Meringue Cookies–Make your favorite flavors while keeping them sugar free!

Trying to avoid sugar and still having a chance to participate in the cookie exchange or snacking during the holidays can be difficult.  Stay on your eating plan with these sugar free meringue cookies.  Because you will be using stevia drops, you can make these whatever flavor you prefer!

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Grain Free Cauliflower Crust Pizza:  Dr. Gorman Bonus Pick.

I tried this recipe for cauliflower crust the other night, and was skeptical about how the texture and taste would be.  Being anxious to taste it, I tried it before it had cooled off long enough and set.  My first impression was that it was tasty, but not really pizza.  Then when I went back for my second piece, my opinion changed quickly.  If you are patient and give this 4-5 minutes to cool, you will be quite pleased!


Dr. Julie Gorman NMD, LAc

Simple Changes.  Powerful Results.

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 Sweet Potato Fries or Wedges

Need a side dish that goes with just about everything?  Try these spiced sweet potato fries with your next meal.  Once you try them the first time, mix it up with a few of your own spice choices.  What a great side with these quinoa black bean burgers.

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