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A gentle giant and cornerstone of natural medicine; Hydrotherapy

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With the height of flu season behind us, the results are noticeable in regards to the replenishing service that hydrotherapy provides to so many patients in our care at Revolution Health Medical Center. (If you’re among the late recipients of flu or cold, help is on the way! Read on).

This staple of naturopathic medicine has, in some circles, been largely usurped by vaccines and prescriptions. But if you ask many of our patients what they want when they’re feeling under the weather, they won’t say Tamiflu… They ask for hydrotherapy!

So what is hydrotherapy and why is it so great? Clearly, we aren’t talking about cleaning out your colon (what teenager would ask for that?). Colon hydrotherapy, or “colonics”, also uses water therapy but is specifically supportive of the gastrointestinal tract.

“Constitutional hydrotherapy” is a whole-body treatment using water as a medium for applying alternating temperatures to the body. The duration and temperature of each application are carefully chosen for your personal needs during a 45 minute session. The goal is to pump your own immune boosting fluids back and forth from the skin surface to the internal organs.

Electrical stimulation or acupuncture can further individualize your treatment depending on your needs, such as:

  • Acute or chronic illness
  • Feverish or chilly
  • Respiratory issues
  • Reproductive issue
  • Any number of other health concerns!


The tools are humble, the treatment is gentle, but the effects can be gigantic. Our naturopathic forefathers explained, “Health, and therefore healing, is proportional to normal flow of healthy blood” (1). Improved circulation to organs makes them function better. For example, the lungs can breathe more clearly; the liver can metabolize toxins more quickly. Improved circulation includes the lymph system, which carries your immune cells to infection and ushers away the germs. And all you have to do is lie still.


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(1) Boyle W, Saine A. Naturopathic Hydrotherapy. Sandy, OR: Eclectic Medical Publications; 1998.



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  1. I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to help me with my chronic headaches. I didn’t know that something like hydrotherapy could help with that! It makes sense, since the treatment is so gentle. Thank you for sharing!